ECGs For Family Docs: A Comprehensive Workshop

April 19, 2023 - April 19, 2023

9:00AM - 3300PM

ECG interpretation is a core competence of Family Physicians but is often taught using pattern recognition that leads to difficulty with complex or atypical ECGs. This course explains the basics of electrophysiology using a simplified approach that is well suited to Residents and practicing Family Physicians. 4 hours of preparatory narrated PowerPoint slides on ECG basics, bradycardias, tachycardias and ST changes ensures that you need to know everything you need to know before you show up for the course. Once at the session, we do a brief review then spend the next 4 hours practicing ECG interpretation arranged by topic in order to build mastery of each ECG facet. We finish with a 60 min integrated interactive exam that allows you to test your knowledge and correct any lingering deficiencies.
Based on an award-winning ECG interpretation course given to Queen’s CCFP and CCFP-EM Residents and certified nationally by the College of Family Physicians for 15 Mainpro+ credits
“Perhaps the best explanation of ECGs and physiology I have had to date in my career”

At the Rural and Remote Conference in Niagara Falls

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