About Us ...

We draw on our own experiences with such situations to design protocols and teachings that are meaningful, realistic and easy to retain. We strive to separate the "must do" from the "nice to do", leading to streamlined and effective decision making that is geared towards a limited number of high-impact interventions.

We are a group of rural emergency docs dedicated to developing and providing educational content suited and useful to other rural hospital-based physicians. We think the various "Life Support" courses often do not reflect the reality of rural practice very well and that much of the CME teachings reflects the practices of large scale urban centers rather than small remote hospitals. Everything is different when you are rural. Resources and manpower are scarce. Backup is limited. Imagining is often unavailable or requires serious logistical planning to obtain. Decisions on who, how and when to transfer loom large. 

A little bit more...

We are partnered with the Simulation Lab at Queen's University which provides us with a ready access to high-tech simulation equipment and highly experienced simulation technicians.  


Dr. Filip Gilic, CCFP-EM
A full time Rural Emergency Physician and the Chief Instructor of the Queen's Nightmares-FM Acute Care Simulation Course.
Dr. Rans Perera, CCFP-EM
A full time rural emergency physician and an experienced simulation teaching instructor.
Dr. Elizabeth Blackmore, CCFP-EM
An emergency physician who splits her time between rural and academic hospitals and is an experienced simulation teaching instructor.